WP2-2: Localization III
Room: Convention Hall No. 4, Level 3 < map >
Time: 16:05-17:55
Wednesday October 11, 2006
Chairs: Daniel Lecking, SangJoo Kwon
#1 (16:05~16:23)
Paper ID: 1399
Title: Sparse Appearance based Modeling for Robot Localization
Authors: Olaf Booij, Zoran Zivkovic, Ben Krose
#2 (16:23~16:41)
Paper ID: 266
Title: Mobile Robot with Preliminary-Announcement Function of Forthcoming Motion Using Light-ray
Authors: Takafumi Matsumaru, Takashi Kusada, Kazuya Iwase
#3 (16:41~16:59)
Paper ID: 1101
Title: An Effective Kalman Filter Localization Method for Mobile Robots
Authors: SangJoo Kwon, KwangWoong Yang, Sangdeok Park
#4 (16:59~17:17)
Paper ID: 240
Title: Robust Self-Localization in Industrial Environments Based on 3D Ceiling Structures
Authors: Oliver Wulf, Daniel Lecking, Bernardo Wagner
Related Video: 008(Video Session 3)
#5 (17:17~17:35)
Paper ID: 685
Title: A Combined Monte-Carlo Localization and Tracking Algorithm for RoboCup
Authors: Patrick Heinemann, Juergen Haase, Andreas Zell
#6 (17:35~17:53)
Paper ID: 896
Title: Mobile Robot Localization Based on Improved Model Matching in Hough Space
Authors: Fang Fang, Xudong Ma, Xianzhong Dai

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