WP1-15: Humanoid Robots III: Exoskeleton
Room: Convention Hall No. 7, Level 2 < map >
Time: 14:00-15:50
Wednesday October 11, 2006
Chairs: Frank Park, Toshio Hori
#1 (14:00~14:18)
Paper ID: 1341
Title: Towards Intuitive Control of Space Robots: A Ground Development Facility with Exoskeleton
Authors: Andre Schiele, Maurizio De Bartolomei, Frans van der Helm
#2 (14:18~14:36)
Paper ID: 234
Title: On Control Mechanism of Human-Like Reaching Movements with Musculo-Skeletal Redundancy
Authors: Kenji Tahara, Zhi-Wei Luo, Suguru Arimoto
#3 (14:36~14:54)
Paper ID: 1495
Title: An Autonomous, Underactuated Exoskeleton for Load-carrying Augmentation
Authors: Conor James Walsh, Kenneth Pasch, Hugh Herr
#4 (14:54~15:12)
Paper ID: 364
Title: An IEEE 1394 Based Real-Time Robot Control System for Efficient Controlling of Humanoids
Authors: M. Omar Faruque Sarker, ChangHwan Kim, Seungheon Baek, Bum-Jae You
#5 (15:12~15:30)
Paper ID: 1499
Title: Gyro Stabilized Biped Walking
Authors: N. Michael Mayer, Kazuhiro Masui, Matthew Browne, Minoru Asada
#6 (15:30~15:48)
Paper ID: 453
Title: Design of Android type Humanoid Robot Albert HUBO
Authors: Jun-Ho Oh, David Hanson, Won-Sup Kim, Il Young Han, Jung-Yup Kim, Ill-Woo Park

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