WP1-11: Medical Robots
Room: Convention Hall No. 10, Level 3 < map >
Time: 14:00-15:50
Wednesday October 11, 2006
Chairs: Hideaki Takanobu, Max Meng
#1 (14:00~14:18)
Paper ID: 105
Title: Destination Planning and Space Mapping in the Robot-aided Coagulation Therapy System
Authors: Yangyu Luo, Xiangdong Yang, Senqiang Zhu, Jing Xu, Ken Chen
#2 (14:18~14:36)
Paper ID: 129
Title: Design of a Parallel Long Bone Fracture Reduction Robot with Planning Treatment Tool
Authors: A. E. Graham, S. Q. Xie, K. C. Aw, W. L. Xu, S. Mukherjee
#3 (14:36~14:54)
Paper ID: 537
Title: Dynamics Modeling and Analysis of a Micro-particle Based Shooting and Harvesting System for Blood Vessel Cleaning and Enlargement
Authors: Huaming Li, Mingjun Zhang, Jindong Tan
#4 (14:54~15:12)
Paper ID: 1012
Title: An Inchworm-like Locomotion Mechanism Based on Magnetic Actuator for Active Capsule Endoscope
Authors: Xiaona Wang, Max Q.-H. Meng
#5 (15:12~15:30)
Paper ID: 1176
Title: Dental Patient Robot
Authors: Hideaki Takanobu, Akihisa Okino, Atsuo Takanishi, Mutsumi Madokoro, Yoshikazu Miyazaki, Koutarou Maki
#6 (15:30~15:48)
Paper ID: 1479
Title: Semi-automated Needling and Seed Delivery Device for Prostate Brachytherapy
Authors: Y.D. Zhang, T.K. Podder, W.S. Ng, J. Sherman, V. Misic, D. Fuller, E.M. Messing, D.J. Rubens, J.G. Strang, R. Brasacchio, Y. Yu

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