WA2-9: Navigation I
Room: Convention Hall No. 8, Level 2 < map >
Time: 11:00-12:30
Wednesday October 11, 2006
Chairs: Raja Chatila, Takashi Kubota
#1 (11:00~11:18)
Paper ID: 175
Title: Avoiding Static and Dynamic Objects in Navigation
Authors: Han Li, Yili Fu, He Xu, Yulin Ma
#2 (11:18~11:36)
Paper ID: 243
Title: A Fast Memory-Efficient Incremental Decision Tree Algorithm in its Application to Mobile Robot Navigation
Authors: Erick Swere, David Mulvaney, Ian Sillitoe
#3 (11:36~11:54)
Paper ID: 882
Title: Linking Mobile Robot Performances with the Environment Using System Maps
Authors: Jason Held, Alexandre Lampe, Raja Chatila
#4 (11:54~12:12)
Paper ID: 1245
Title: Collision Dynamics of Target Maker for Visual Navigation in Small Body Exploration
Authors: Takashi Kubota, Shujiro Sawai, Tatsuaki Hashimoto, Junichiro Kawaguchi
#5 (12:12~12:30)
Paper ID: 1405
Title: Pair-wise Registration of 3D/Color Data Sets with ICP
Authors: Lounis Douadi, Marie-Jose Aldon, Andre Crosnier

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