WA2-16: Robot Audition II
Room: Convention Hall No. 16C, Level 3 < map >
Time: 11:00-12:30
Wednesday October 11, 2006
Chairs: Kazhihiro Nakadai, Philippe Sou??íž???íž?res
#1 (11:00~11:18)
Paper ID: 291
Title: Real-Time Tracking of Multiple Sound Sources by Integration of In-Room and Robot-Embedded Microphone Arrays
Authors: Kazuhiro Nakadai, Hirofumi Nakajima, Masamitsu Murase, Hiroshi G. Okuno, Yuji Hasegawa, Hiroshi Tsujino
#2 (11:18~11:36)
Paper ID: 467
Title: Real-time Sound Localization with a Binaural Head-system Using a Biologically-inspired Cue-triple Mapping
Authors: Tobias Rodemann, Martin Heckmann, Frank Joublin, Christian Goerick, Bjorn Scholling
#3 (11:36~11:54)
Paper ID: 703
Title: Modal Analysis Based Beamforming for Nearfield or Farfield Speaker Localization in Robotics
Authors: Sylvain Argentieri, Patrick Danes, Philippe Soueres
#4 (11:54~12:12)
Paper ID: 965
Title: The Effect of Head Movement on Sound Localization in an Acoustical Telepresence Robot: TeleHead
Authors: Iwaki Toshima, Shigeaki Aoki
#5 (12:12~12:30)
Paper ID: 1288
Title: Missing-Feature based Speech Recognition for Two Simultaneous Speech Signals Separated by ICA with a Pair of Humanoid Ears
Authors: Ryu Takeda, Shun'ichi Yamamoto, Kazunori Komatani, Tetsuya Ogata, Hiroshi G. Okuno

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