WA2-13: Micro Manipulation and Assembly II
Room: Convention Hall No. 11, Level 3 < map >
Time: 11:00-12:30
Wednesday October 11, 2006
Chairs: Kenji Inoue, Yu Sun
#1 (11:00~11:18)
Paper ID: 989
Title: Design of Compliant MEMS Grippers for Micro-Assembly Tasks
Authors: Byoung Hun Kang, John T. Wen
#2 (11:18~11:36)
Paper ID: 1018
Title: Effect of the Capillary Force on Force Measurements in Submerged Micromanipulations
Authors: Mourad Nourine, Michael Gauthier
#3 (11:36~11:54)
Paper ID: 459
Title: Design of a Micro-Gripper and an Ultrasonic Manipulator for Handling Micron Sized Objects
Authors: F. Beyeler, D.J. Bell, B.J. Nelson, Y. Sun, A. Neild, S. Oberti, J. Dual
#4 (11:54~12:12)
Paper ID: 973
Title: Design Optimization of a Compact 3-DOF Parallel Micro/Nano Finger Manipulator
Authors: Ahmed A. Ramadan, Kenji Inoue, Tatsuo Arai, Tomohito Takubo
#5 (12:12~12:30)
Paper ID: 1389
Title: Submerged Freeze Gripper to Manipulate Micro-objects
Authors: Beatriz Lopez Walle, Michael Gauthier, Nicolas Chaillet

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