WA1-7: Diagnostic Tools
Room: Convention Hall No. 13, Level 3 < map >
Time: 9:30-10:45
Wednesday October 11, 2006
Chairs: Mamoru Mitsuishi, Max Meng
#1 (9:30~9:48)
Paper ID: 283
Title: A Training Simulator for Intraoral Radiography
Authors: Tatushi Tokuyasu, Yusuke Fujii, Motoji Yamamoto, Kazutoshi Okamura, Kazunori Yoshiura
#2 (9:48~10:06)
Paper ID: 416
Title: Probe Positioning Support Utilizing Shoulder Model for Ultrasound Diagnosis
Authors: Norihiro Koizumi, Takehiko Tsurumi, Shin'ichi Warisawa, Mamoru Mitsuishi, Hiroyuki Hashizume
#3 (10:06~10:24)
Paper ID: 1545
Title: The Calibration of 3-Axis Magnetic Sensor Array System for Tracking Wireless Capsule Endoscope
Authors: Chao Hu, Max Q.-H. Meng, Mrinal Mandal
#4 (10:24~10:42)
Paper ID: 1175
Title: Development and Kinematic Analysis of a Silicone-rubber Bending tip for Colonoscopy
Authors: G. Chen, M. T. Pham, T. Redarce

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