WA1-14: Mobile Sensing
Room: Convention Hall No. 3030, Level 3 < map >
Time: 9:30-10:45
Wednesday October 11, 2006
Chairs: Ehud Rivlin, Michael Pardowitz
#1 (9:30~9:48)
Paper ID: 1334
Title: Concurrent Path and Sensor Planning for a UAV - Towards an Information Based Approach Incorporating Models of Environment and Sensor
Authors: Per Skoglar, Jonas Nygards, Morgan Ulvklo
#2 (9:48~10:06)
Paper ID: 679
Title: Experimental Analysis of Overhead Data Processing to Support Long Range Navigation
Authors: David Silver, Boris Sofman, Nicolas Vandapel, J. Andrew Bagnell, Anthony Stentz
#3 (10:06~10:24)
Paper ID: 843
Title: EKF-based Adaptive Sampling with Mobile Robotic Sensor Nodes
Authors: D. O. Popa, M. F. Mysorewala, F. L. Lewis
#4 (10:24~10:42)
Paper ID: 1333
Title: A Randomized Method for Integrated Exploration
Authors: Luigi Freda, Francesco Loiudice, Giuseppe Oriolo

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