WA1-11: Rehabilitation Robotics
Room: Convention Hall No. 10, Level 3 < map >
Time: 9:30-10:45
Wednesday October 11, 2006
Chairs: Fathi Ouezdou, Philippe Fraisse
#1 (9:30~9:48)
Paper ID: 1086
Title: A Reconfigurable Evaluation and Assistance Platform for Handicapped People
Authors: H. Peralta, C. Riman, R. Thieffry, E. Monacelli, F.B. Ouezdou, Y. Alayli, G. De Matteo, J. Bouteille, I. Laffont, I. Mougharbel, A. El-Hajj
#2 (9:48~10:06)
Paper ID: 1630
Title: Design and Kinematics Analysis of Parallel Robots for Ankle Rehabilitation
Authors: Gengqian Liu, Jinlian Gao, Hong Yue, Xiaojun Zhang, Guangda Lu
#3 (10:06~10:24)
Paper ID: 1174
Title: Closed Loop Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Applied On Paralyzed Muscles To Restore Lower Limbs Functions
Authors: Samer Mohammed, Philippe Poignet, David Guiraud
#4 (10:24~10:42)
Paper ID: 373
Title: A Cooperative Control Scheme for Robotic Rehabilitation of Arm Impairment after Stroke
Authors: P. Culmer, A. Jackson, M.C. Levesley, R. Richardson, J.A. Cozens, M. Mon Williams, B.B. Bhakta

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