WA1-1: Mobile Robot Control I
Room: Convention Hall No. 3, Level 3 < map >
Time: 9:30-10:45
Wednesday October 11, 2006
Chairs: Rajiv Dubey, Yangmin Li
#1 (9:30~9:48)
Paper ID: 139
Title: A New Method of Executing Multiple Auxiliary Tasks by Redundant Nonholonomic Mobile Manipulators
Authors: Yugang Liu, Yangmin Li
#2 (9:48~10:06)
Paper ID: 1205
Title: Motion Planning for a Mobile Manipulator Based on Joint Motions for Error Recovery
Authors: Kimitoshi Yamazaki, Masahiro Tomono, Takashi Tsubouchi, Shin'ichi Yuta
#3 (10:06~10:24)
Paper ID: 518
Title: Development and Implementation of a Fault-Tolerant Vehicle-Following Controller for a Four-Wheel-Steering Vehicle
Authors: Danwei Wang, Minhtuan Pham, Chang Boon Low, Chaisoon Tan
#4 (10:24~10:42)
Paper ID: 2163
Title: Design, Construction and Control of a 7 DoF Wheelchair-Mounted Robotic Arm
Authors: Redwan Alqasemi, Kevin Edwards, Rajiv Dubey

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