TP2-8: Robot Software
Room: Convention Hall No. 15, Level 3 < map >
Time: 15:15-16:45
Thursday October 12, 2006
Chairs: Berthold Bauml, William D. Smart
#1 (15:15~15:33)
Paper ID: 348
Title: Specifying Robot Reactivity in Procedural Languages
Authors: Geoffrey Biggs, Bruce A. MacDonald
#2 (15:33~15:51)
Paper ID: 439
Title: Agile Robot Development (aRD): A Pragmatic Approach to Robotic Software
Authors: Berthold Bauml, Gerd Hirzinger
#3 (15:51~16:09)
Paper ID: 939
Title: A Video Game-based Mobile Robot Simulation Environment
Authors: Josh Faust, Cheryl Simon, William D. Smart
#4 (16:09~16:27)
Paper ID: 1292
Title: Flexible Signal-Oriented Hardware Abstraction for Rapid Prototyping of Robotic Systems
Authors: Stefan Jorg, Mathias Nickl, Gerd Hirzinger
#5 (16:27~16:45)
Paper ID: 1420
Title: Contextual Management of Tasks and Instrumentation within an AUV Control Software Architecture
Authors: Abdellah El Jalaoui, David Andreu, Bruno Jouvencel

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