TP2-4: Robot Design
Room: Convention Hall No. 5, Level 2 < map >
Time: 15:15-16:45
Thursday October 12, 2006
Chairs: Max Meng, William Hamel
#1 (15:15~15:33)
Paper ID: 967
Title: Reliability-based Design Optimization of Robotic System Dynamic Performance
Authors: Alan P. Bowling, John E. Renaud, Jeremy T. Newkirk, Neal M. Patel, Harish Agarwal
#2 (15:33~15:51)
Paper ID: 1937
Title: Environment-Adaptive Antipersonnel Mine Detection System -Advanced Mine Sweeper-
Authors: Toshio Fukuda, Yasuhisa Hasegawa, Kazuhiro Kosuge, Kiyoshi Komoriya, Fumihisa Kitagawa, Tomohiro Ikegami
#3 (15:51~16:09)
Paper ID: 1072
Title: Design and Implementation of a Fencing Training Robot
Authors: Hua-wei Liang, Tao Mei, Max Meng
#4 (16:09~16:27)
Paper ID: 845
Title: NIMS3D: A Novel Rapidly Deployable Robot for 3-Dimensional Applications
Authors: Per Henrik Borgstrom, Michael J. Stealey, Maxim A. Batalin, William J. Kaiser
#5 (16:27~16:45)
Paper ID: 792
Title: SUPERBOT: A Deployable, Multi-Functional, and Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robotic System
Authors: Behnam Salemi, Mark Moll, Wei-Min Shen

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