TP2-16: Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics II
Room: Convention Hall No. 16C, Level 3 < map >
Time: 15:15-16:45
Thursday October 12, 2006
Chairs: Changlong Ye, Hitoshi Kimura
#1 (15:15~15:33)
Paper ID: 1014
Title: Design and Manufacturing of a Mobile Rescue Robot
Authors: S. Ali A. Moosavian, Hesam Semsarilar, Arash Kalantari
#2 (15:33~15:51)
Paper ID: 704
Title: RAPOSA: Semi-Autonomous Robot for Rescue Operations
Authors: Carlos Marques, Joao Cristovao, Pedro Lima, Joao Frazao, Isabel Ribeiro, Rodrigo Ventura
#3 (15:51~16:09)
Paper ID: 288
Title: Design and Basic Experiments of a Shape-shifting Mobile Robot for Urban Search and Rescue
Authors: Changlong Ye, Shugen Ma, Bin Li
#4 (16:09~16:27)
Paper ID: 1058
Title: Development and Control of a High Maneuverability Wheeled Robot with Variable-Structure Functionality
Authors: Naoji Shiroma, Yu-huan Chiu, Zi Min, Ichiro Kawabuchi, Fumitoshi Matsuno
#5 (16:27~16:45)
Paper ID: 626
Title: Flexible Hermetically-Sealed Mobile Robot for Narrow Spaces Using Hydrostatic Skeleton Driving Mechanism
Authors: Hitoshi Kimura, Fumihiro Kajimura, Daisuke Maruyama, Michihiko Koseki, Norio Inou
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