TP2-11: Vision Based Recognition II
Room: Convention Hall No. 10, Level 3 < map >
Time: 15:15-16:45
Thursday October 12, 2006
Chairs: Patric Jensfelt, Takahiro Hara
#1 (15:15~15:33)
Paper ID: 1331
Title: A Discriminative Approach to Robust Visual Place Recognition
Authors: A. Pronobis, B. Caputo, P. Jensfelt, H.I. Christensen
Related Video: 037(Video Session 3)
#2 (15:33~15:51)
Paper ID: 1539
Title: Inspection of Visible and Invisible Features of Objects with Image and Sound Signal Processing
Authors: Atsushi Yamashita, Takahiro Hara, Toru Kaneko
#3 (15:51~16:09)
Paper ID: 367
Title: An Efficient Face Normalization Algorithm Based on Eyes Detection
Authors: Ganhua Li, Xuanping Cai, Xianshuai Li, Yunhui Liu
#4 (16:09~16:27)
Paper ID: 228
Title: Moving Vehicle Classification Using Eigenspace
Authors: Anand Santhanam, M. Masudur Rahman
#5 (16:27~16:45)
Paper ID: 560
Title: Visual Object Recognition in Diverse Scenes with Multiple Instance Learning
Authors: Dong Wang, Bo Zhang, Jianwei Zhang

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