TP2-1: UAV Control
Room: Convention Hall No. 3, Level 3 < map >
Time: 15:15-16:45
Thursday October 12, 2006
Chairs: Brian White, Paul Oh
#1 (15:15~15:33)
Paper ID: 557
Title: Hardware-in-the-loop Test Rig to Capture Aerial Robot and Sensor Suite Performance Metrics
Authors: Vefa Narli, Paul Y. Oh
#2 (15:33~15:51)
Paper ID: 195
Title: Two Seconds to Touchdown - Vision-based Controlled Forced Landing
Authors: Luis Mejias, Pascual Campoy, Kane Usher, Jonathan Roberts, Peter Corke
#3 (15:51~16:09)
Paper ID: 761
Title: A Robust Approach to Multiple Sensor Based Navigation for an Aerial Robot
Authors: Immanuel Ashokaraj, Antonios Tsourdos, Peter M. G. Silson, Brian A. White
#4 (16:09~16:27)
Paper ID: 1666
Title: Feature Based Navigation for UAVs
Authors: W.Y. Kong, G.K. Egan, T. Cornall
#5 (16:27~16:45)
Paper ID: 613
Title: Waypoint Navigation Control of a VTOL UAV Amidst Obstacles
Authors: Jean Michel Pflimlin, Philippe Soueres, Tarek Hamel

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