TP1-4: Free Flying Robots
Room: Convention Hall No. 5, Level 2 < map >
Time: 13:30-15:00
Thursday October 12, 2006
Chairs: Hiroki Nakanishi, S. Ali. A Moosavian
#1 (13:30~13:48)
Paper ID: 988
Title: Multiple Impedance Control of Space Free-Flying Robots Using Virtual Object Grasp
Authors: Rambod Rastegari, S. Ali A. Moosavian
#2 (13:48~14:06)
Paper ID: 999
Title: Control of Space Free-Flying Robots Using Regulated Sliding Mode Controller
Authors: S. Ali A. Moosavian, M. Reza Homaeinejad
#3 (14:06~14:24)
Paper ID: 673
Title: Impedance Control for Free-flying Space Robots -Basic Equations and Applications-
Authors: Hiroki Nakanishi, Kazuya Yoshida
#4 (14:24~14:42)
Paper ID: 2011
Title: A Remote Aerial Robot for Topographic Survey
Authors: Xiaoguang Zhao, Jing Liu, Min Tan
#5 (14:42~15:00)
Paper ID: 34
Title: A Nonholonomic Motion Planning and Control Based on Chained Form Transformation
Authors: Yuegang Tan, Ziqing Jiang, Zude Zhou

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