TA2-14: Sensor Fusion
Room: Convention Hall No. 3030, Level 3 < map >
Time: 10:45-12:15
Thursday October 12, 2006
Chairs: Anibal De Almeida, Takashi Tsubouchi
#1 (10:45~11:03)
Paper ID: 1137
Title: People Tracking Using a Robot in Motion with Laser Range Finder
Authors: Jae Hoon Lee, Takashi Tsubouchi, Kenjiro Yamamoto, Saku Egawa
#2 (11:03~11:21)
Paper ID: 397
Title: Multi-Stage Sensor Fusion for Landmine Detection
Authors: Svetlana Larionova, Lino Marques, Anibal Traca de Almeida
#3 (11:21~11:39)
Paper ID: 914
Title: Panoramic Vision and Laser Range Finder Fusion for Multiple Person Tracking
Authors: Punarjay Chakravarty, Ray Jarvis
#4 (11:39~11:57)
Paper ID: 1188
Title: 3D Object Recognition Using Spin-images for a Humanoid Stereoscopic Vision System
Authors: Olivier Stasse, Sylvain Dupitier, Kazuhito Yokoi
#5 (11:57~12:15)
Paper ID: 728
Title: Measuring the Deformation of a Parallel Kinematics Machine under Dynamic Conditions, by Combining Video and Accelerometers
Authors: Tony Cano, Frederic Chapelle, Pascal Ray, Jean-Marc Lavest

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