TA1-4: Parallel Manipulators II
Room: Convention Hall No. 5, Level 2 < map >
Time: 9:00-10:30
Thursday October 12, 2006
Chairs: Guilin Yang, Wisama Khalil
#1 (9:00~9:18)
Paper ID: 25
Title: Finite-Partition of SE(3) and its Applications on Workspace Optimization of Parallel Manipulators
Authors: Yan Jin, I-Ming Chen, Guilin Yang
#2 (9:18~9:36)
Paper ID: 198
Title: A Novel Method for Jacobian Analysis of Lower-Mobility Parallel Mechanism
Authors: Sijun Zhu, Zhen Huang
#3 (9:36~9:54)
Paper ID: 470
Title: A Novel 3-DoF Purely Translational Parallel Mechanism
Authors: Yunjiang Lou, Zexiang Li
#4 (9:54~10:12)
Paper ID: 508
Title: Collision-Free Workspace Design of the 5-Axis Gantry-Tau Parallel Kinematic Machine
Authors: Matthew Murray, Geir Hovland, Torgny Brogardh
#5 (10:12~10:30)
Paper ID: 799
Title: Inverse Dynamic Modeling of Serial-Parallel Hybrid Robots
Authors: Ouarda Ibrahim, Wisama Khalil

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