FP2-8: Multi-legged Robots II
Room: Convention Hall No. 15, Level 3 < map >
Time: 16:05-17:55
Friday October 13, 2006
Chairs: David Orin, Katsuyoshi Tsujita
#1 (16:05~16:23)
Paper ID: 1343
Title: A Four-Leg Locomotion Robot for Heavy Load Transportation
Authors: Hidenori Ishihara, Kiyoshi Kuroi
#2 (16:23~16:41)
Paper ID: 681
Title: Biological Modeling Control of a Multilegged Walking Robot
Authors: Wenchuan Jia, Xuedong Chen, Tianhong Yan, Yi Sun, MingHao Zhou
#3 (16:41~16:59)
Paper ID: 736
Title: Attitude Control of a Quadruped Trot While Turning
Authors: Luther R. Palmer III, David E. Orin
#4 (16:59~17:17)
Paper ID: 798
Title: Bounding Gait in a Hybrid Wheeled-Leg Robot
Authors: James Andrew Smith, Inna Sharf, Michael Trentini
#5 (17:17~17:35)
Paper ID: 1056
Title: Gait Planning of Quadruped Robot Based On Third-Order Spline Interpolation
Authors: Hao Dong, Mingguo Zhao, Ji Zhang, Zongying Shi, Naiyao Zhang
#6 (17:35~17:53)
Paper ID: 1036
Title: What Is the Real Frictional Constraint in Biped Walking ĘC Discussion on Frictional Slip with Rotation
Authors: Chi Zhu, Atsuo Kawamura

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