FP2-2: Locomotion and Control
Room: Convention Hall No. 4, Level 3 < map >
Time: 16:05-17:55
Friday October 13, 2006
Chairs: Jianwei Zhang, Matthew T. Mason
#1 (16:05~16:23)
Paper ID: 813
Title: Kinematic Modeling of a Small Mobile Robot with Mulit-Locomotion Modes
Authors: Xingguang Duan, Qiang Huang, Nasir Rahman, Jingtao Li, Qinjun Du
#2 (16:23~16:41)
Paper ID: 608
Title: Locomotion Capabilities of a Novel Reconfigurable Robot with 3 DOF Active Joints for Rugged Terrain
Authors: Houxiang Zhang, Zhicheng Deng, Wei Wang, Jianwei Zhang, Guanghua Zong
#3 (16:41~16:59)
Paper ID: 474
Title: Toward Legless Locomotion Control
Authors: Ravi Balasubramanian, Alfred A. Rizzi, Matthew T. Mason
#4 (16:59~17:17)
Paper ID: 167
Title: Collision Detection of Deformable Polyhedral Objects via Inner-outer Ellipsoids
Authors: Jing-Sin Liu, Ju-I Kao, Yau-Zen Chang
#5 (17:17~17:35)
Paper ID: 868
Title: Experimental Study of Automatic Control of Bicycle with Balancer
Authors: M. Yamakita, A. Utano, K. Sekiguchi
#6 (17:35~17:53)
Paper ID: 451
Title: Control of a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot via Sensor-based Target Tracking and Pose Estimation
Authors: M. Maya-Mendez, P. Morin, C. Samson

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