FP2-10: Machine Vision
Room: Convention Hall No. 16A, Level 3 < map >
Time: 16:05-17:55
Friday October 13, 2006
Chairs: Koh Hosoda, Koichi Hashimoto
#1 (16:05~16:23)
Paper ID: 1359
Title: The Resection Filter: An Alternative Approach to Filtering Gaussian Pose Estimates with Bearing Observations
Authors: Adam Easton, Stephen Cameron
#2 (16:23~16:41)
Paper ID: 587
Title: Acquisition of Multi-Modal Expression of Slip through Pick-Up Experiences
Authors: Yasunori Tada, Koh Hosoda
#3 (16:41~16:59)
Paper ID: 1773
Title: An Efficient and Reliable Segmentation Method Based on Active Contour Model
Authors: Da Yuan
#4 (16:59~17:17)
Paper ID: 1438
Title: Saccades and Fixating Using Artificial Potential Functions
Authors: B. Deniz Ilhan, Ozgur Erkent, H. Isil Bozma
#5 (17:17~17:35)
Paper ID: 1225
Title: Speeding Up Video Processing for Blastocyst Microinjection
Authors: Leonardo Mattos, Edward Grant, Randy Thresher
#6 (17:35~17:53)
Paper ID: 324
Title: A Real-Time Framework for Vision Based Human Robot Interaction
Authors: Randeep Singh, Bhartendu Seth, Uday Desai

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