FP1-4: Space Robotics IV
Room: Convention Hall No. 5, Level 2 < map >
Time: 14:00-15:50
Friday October 13, 2006
Chairs: Hong Liu, Yishen Guo
#1 (14:00~14:18)
Paper ID: 2103
Title: A Robotic Testbed for Positioning and Attitude Accuracy Test of Space Manipulator
Authors: Lijun Xue, Wenyi Qiang, Bin Liang, Cheng Li
#2 (14:18~14:36)
Paper ID: 1915
Title: Robust Control of Dual-arm Space Robot System with Two Objects in Joint Space
Authors: Yishen Guo, Li Chen
#3 (14:36~14:54)
Paper ID: 533
Title: Adaptive Control of Dual-arm Space Robot System in Joint Space
Authors: Li Chen, Yishen Guo
#4 (14:54~15:12)
Paper ID: 1042
Title: System Design of Robots for Application to In-space Assembly
Authors: Harshit Suri, Peter Will, Wei-Min Shen
#5 (15:12~15:30)
Paper ID: 644
Title: High Fidelity Distributed Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation For Space Robot on CAN-based Network
Authors: R. Wei, M.H. Jin, J.J. Xia, Z.W. Xie, J.X. Shi, H. Liu
#6 (15:30~15:48)
Paper ID: 788
Title: A Bayesian Framework for Landing Site Selection during Autonomous Spacecraft Descent
Authors: Navid Serrano

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