FP1-3: Human-Machine Interaction II
Room: Convention Hall No. 6, Level 2 < map >
Time: 14:00-15:50
Friday October 13, 2006
Chairs: Helge Huettenrauch, Takahiro Miyashita
#1 (14:00~14:18)
Paper ID: 1609
Title: Effect of Tactile Display in Visually Guiding Input Device
Authors: Myung-Jin Jung, Takayuki Matusno, Sang-Ho Kim, Toshio Fukuda, Fumihito Arai
#2 (14:18~14:36)
Paper ID: 1352
Title: Investigating Spatial Relationships in Human-Robot Interaction
Authors: Helge Huettenrauch, Kerstin Severinson Eklundh, Anders Green, Elin A. Topp
#3 (14:36~14:54)
Paper ID: 753
Title: Unsupervised and Incremental Acquisition of and Reasoning on Holistic Task Knowledge for Household Robot Companions
Authors: M. Pardowitz, R. Zollner, R. Dillmann
#4 (14:54~15:12)
Paper ID: 870
Title: Robovie-IV: A Communication Robot Interacting with People Daily in an Office
Authors: Noriaki Mitsunaga, Takahiro Miyashita, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Kiyoshi Kogure, Norihiro Hagita
#5 (15:12~15:30)
Paper ID: 176
Title: Cooperative Driving Based on Inter-vehicle Communications: Experimental Platform and Algorithm
Authors: Weihua Sheng, Qingyan Yang, Yi Guo
#6 (15:30~15:48)
Paper ID: 169
Title: Basic Design of Human-symbiotic Robot EMIEW
Authors: Yuji Hosoda, Saku Egawa, Junichi Tamamoto, Kenjiro Yamamoto, Ryousuke Nakamura, Masahito Togami

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