FA2-16: Service Robots II
Room: Convention Hall No. 16C, Level 3 < map >
Time: 10:45-12:15
Friday October 13, 2006
Chairs: Henrik Christensen, Kazuyoshi Wada
#1 (10:45~11:03)
Paper ID: 1034
Title: Living with Seal Robots in a Care House - Evaluations of Social and Physiological Influences -
Authors: Kazuyoshi Wada, Takanori Shibata
#2 (11:03~11:21)
Paper ID: 767
Title: Bringing Together Human and Robotic Environment Representations - A Pilot Study
Authors: Elin A. Topp, Helge Huettenrauch, Henrik I. Christensen, Kerstin Severinson Eklundh
#3 (11:21~11:39)
Paper ID: 1190
Title: Remote Shopping Robot System -Development of a hand mechanism for grasping fresh foods in a supermarket-
Authors: Tetsuo Tomizawa, Akihisa Ohya, Shin'ichi Yuta
#4 (11:39~11:57)
Paper ID: 806
Title: Detection of Natural Landmarks for Mapping by a Demining Robot
Authors: Svetlana Larionova, Lino Marques, Anbal Traca de Almeida
#5 (11:57~12:15)
Paper ID: 731
Title: Design of an Office-Guide Robot for Social Interaction Studies
Authors: Elena Pacchierotti, Henrik I. Christensen, Patric Jensfelt

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