FA2-14: Actuator Control
Room: Convention Hall No. 3030, Level 3 < map >
Time: 10:45-12:15
Friday October 13, 2006
Chairs: Ju-Jang Lee, Takanori Miyoshi
#1 (10:45~11:03)
Paper ID: 1752
Title: Low Speed Control of PMAC Servo System Based on Reduced-order Observer
Authors: Shuai Yan, Dianguo Xu, Gaolin Wang, Ming Yang, Yong Yu, Xianguo Gui
#2 (11:03~11:21)
Paper ID: 1687
Title: Study on the Vector Control Method of IM for Variable Speed Drive Based on DSP
Authors: PingHua Zhang, GuiJie Yang, TieCai Li
#3 (11:21~11:39)
Paper ID: 1020
Title: Control of Artificial Pneumatic Muscle for Robot Application
Authors: Tae-Yong Choi, Joon-Yong Lee, Ju-Jang Lee
#4 (11:39~11:57)
Paper ID: 1315
Title: Development of Vertical Power-Assisted Crane System Considering Absolute Stability
Authors: Takanori Miyoshi, Hideto Kojima, Kazuhiko Terashima

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