FA1-8: Classification and Inspection
Room: Convention Hall No. 15, Level 3 < map >
Time: 9:00-10:30
Friday October 13, 2006
Chairs: Falko Schultke, Yong Yu
#1 (9:00~9:18)
Paper ID: 1774
Title: An Evolutionary Support Vector Machines Classifier for Pedestrian Detection
Authors: D. Chen, X.B. Cao, Y.W. Xu, H. Qiao
#2 (9:18~9:36)
Paper ID: 564
Title: Neurodynamics Based Complete Coverage Navigation with Real-time Map Building in Unknown Environments
Authors: Chaomin Luo, Simon X. Yang, Max Q.-H. Meng
#3 (9:36~9:54)
Paper ID: 1380
Title: Fully Automatic Inspection Systems for Large Underground Concrete Pipes Partially Filled with Wastewater
Authors: Norbert Elkmann, Sven Kutzner, Jose Saenz, Bert Reimann, Falko Schultke, Heiko Althoff
#4 (9:54~10:12)
Paper ID: 1530
Title: The Design of Digital Handwriting Forces Vector Ink and its Application in Online Signature Verification
Authors: ZhongCheng Wu, Fei Shen, Yong Yu
#5 (10:12~10:30)
Paper ID: 912
Title: A Novel On-board Temperature Monitoring Approach in the Reflow Soldering Process
Authors: Zhancheng Wang, Weimin Li, Hang Tong, Yangsheng Xu

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