FA1-7: Telerobotic Systems I
Room: Convention Hall No. 13, Level 3 < map >
Time: 9:00-10:30
Friday October 13, 2006
Chairs: Antonie Ferreira, Ken Goldberg
#1 (9:00~9:18)
Paper ID: 1653
Title: Bilateral Teleoperation of Mobile Robot over Delayed Communication Network: Implementation
Authors: Oscar Martinez-Palafox, Dongjun Lee, Mark W. Spong, I. Lopez, C.T. Abdallah
#2 (9:18~9:36)
Paper ID: 420
Title: A Novel Distributed Telerobotic System for Construction Machines Based on Modules Synchronization
Authors: E. Rohmer, K. Yoshida, Eiji Nakano
#3 (9:36~9:54)
Paper ID: 486
Title: Time Domain Passivity Control -based Telepresence with Time Delay
Authors: Jordi Artigas, Jordi Vilanova, Carsten Preusche, Gerd Hirzinger
#4 (9:54~10:12)
Paper ID: 1206
Title: Position Drift Compensation in Port-Hamiltonian Based Telemanipulation
Authors: Cristian Secchi, Stefano Stramigioli, Cesare Fantuzzi
#5 (10:12~10:30)
Paper ID: 718
Title: Stability and Transparency for Scaled Teleoperation System
Authors: Moussa Boukhnifer, Antoine Ferreira

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