FA1-3: Task Planning
Room: Convention Hall No. 6, Level 2 < map >
Time: 9:00-10:30
Friday October 13, 2006
Chairs: Satoshi Tadokoro, Yoshio Yamamoto
#1 (9:00~9:18)
Paper ID: 1423
Title: Improved Markov Models for Indoor Surveillance
Authors: Mark Moors, Dirk Schulz
#2 (9:18~9:36)
Paper ID: 873
Title: A Path Planner in Changing Environments by Using W-C Nodes Mapping Coupled with Lazy Edges Evaluation
Authors: Hong Liu, Xuezhi Deng, Hongbin Zha, Ding Ding
#3 (9:36~9:54)
Paper ID: 342
Title: Where to Build a Door
Authors: John Z. Zhang, Tsunehiko Kameda
#4 (9:54~10:12)
Paper ID: 1168
Title: Dynamic Decision Making of Mobile Robot under Obstructed Environment
Authors: Ya-Chun Chang, Yoshio Yamamoto
#5 (10:12~10:30)
Paper ID: 1234
Title: Search Algorithm of the Order of Object Transportation by Multiple Robots
Authors: Shotaro Kamio, Hitoshi Iba

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